You are currently viewing Yoon Kye Sang And Seo Ji Hye Lean Towards A Life Altering Kiss In Teaser Poster For “Kiss Sixth Sense”

Yoon Kye Sang And Seo Ji Hye Lean Towards A Life Altering Kiss In Teaser Poster For “Kiss Sixth Sense”

A new poster for “Kiss Sixth Sense” has been released!

“Kiss Sixth Sense” is a Disney+ original drama that was first published as a web book before being turned into a webtoon. It’s about a woman named Hong Ye Sul who, when she kisses someone, can see into the future. She kisses her employer Cha Min Hoo by accident one day, and she sees them in bed together in the future.

The caption for the newly released teaser poster says “The instant our lips touched, I could see the thrilling future.”


Cha Min Hoo, played by Yoon Kye Sang, a sensitive guy who reads omens with his exceptional five senses and is known as the “god of advertising.” He is at the top of the business and leads the planning team at Je Woo Planning. His five senses, which are ten times more sensitive than the typical person, are the key to his success. While this suits him well at work, his icy and sensitive demeanor causes stress and frustration for his assistant, Hong Ye Sul.

Hong Ye Sul, played by Seo Ji Hye, is Cha Min Hoo’s workaholic assistant who has the power to see the future when she kisses someone. She’s on her way to getting promoted to a department manager at a breakneck speed as Je Woo Planning’s star employee. She is, however, now preoccupied with Cha Min Hoo’s management control and nagging. While Hong Ye Sul has no idea where her extraordinary ability came from, she is certain that the future she sees will come to pass.

An accident leads to a kiss between Cha Min Hoo and Hong Ye Sul, and the unexpected vision that Hong Ye Sul sees sparks off their chaotic romance as the two hide their secret skills and grow their relationship as arguing coworkers.

“This teaser poster highlights the psychic relationship that begins after a kiss between Min Hoo, whose five senses are highly responsive, and Ye Sul, who has the capacity to view the future following a kiss,” the PD team of “Kiss Sixth Sense,” said. Please look forward to this exceptional love story that Disney+ has picked to rekindle your dulled five senses and gratify your sixth.”

The drama “Kiss Sixth Sense” will be released in May.


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