You are currently viewing Woo Do Hwan and Bona from WJSN are in negotiations to star in a new historical drama

Woo Do Hwan and Bona from WJSN are in negotiations to star in a new historical drama

Woo Do Hwan and Bona from WJSN could be collaborating on a new drama!

Woo Do Hwan and Bona will star as the leads in the upcoming drama “Joseon Lawyer”

“It’s true that Bona has received an offer to star in ‘Joseon Lawyer,'” a source from Bona’s agency, King Kong by Starship, said in response to the news. She is considering the offer.

“Woo Do Hwan has seen the script, and he is positively considering starring in the drama,” a KeyEast representative responded.

“Joseon Lawyer,” based on a webtoon of the same name, is a euphoric and warm drama that follows the story of the wicked lawyer Kang Han Soo, who files pre-planned lawsuits and uses the feelings of wronged victims to his advantage, he unintentionally becomes highly regarded as a hero and a problem solver among the common people. He eventually evolves into a truly righteous lawyer.

The Gyeongguk Daejeon (late Goryeo and early Joseon Dynasties’ code of law) serves as a motif in “Joseon Lawyer,” yet the plot is entirely fictitious. As they take down those with total authority and aid the common people who are treated unfairly because they don’t know the law or how to read. The multi-genre history drama will include aspects of romance and vengeance.

Woo Do Hwan is in negotiations to play Hanyang’s most famous lawyer, Kang Han Soo. Kang Han Soo is knowledgeable and has exceptional acting skills that can fool crowds, making him the envy of many. Kang Han Soo seeks vengeance, but he eventually becomes the people’s voice and a hero. Woo Do Hwan previously dazzled us in “Sweet Stranger and Me,” “The Divine Fury,” “The King: Eternal Monarch,” and others. He’ll also appear in the upcoming drama “Hunting Dogs” (literal translation).

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Bona is in talks to play Kang Han Soo’s client Lee Yeon Joo. Lee Yeon Joo, who appears to be a commoner who has been treated cruelly at first appearance, but is actually a person with many secrets. She meets Kang Han Soo while concealing her true feelings in order to exact her revenge, but she becomes puzzled as her emotions become increasingly complex. She recently appeared in the popular drama “Twenty-five Twenty-one,” which has heightened viewers’ interest in her next endeavor.



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