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Winners at the 58th Baeksang Art Awards

Following the most famous award night in Korean entertainment history, here is a list of the 58th Baeksang Art Awards winners, which was held on May 6th at the Korean International Exhibition Center.

1) Kim Tae-ri-Twenty-Five Twenty-One (Leading Actress in TV series)

2) Lee Hye-young-In Front of Your Face ( Leading Actress in Film)

3)Lee Jun-ho-The Red Sleeve ( Leading Actor in TV)

4) Ryoo Seung-wan- Escape From Mogadishu (Grand Prize in Film)

5) D.P. (Best TV Drama)

6) Lee Yoo-Mi-Young Adult Matters (New Actress in Film)

7) Byun Sung-hyun-King Maker (Best Film Director)

8) Hwang Dong-hyuk-Squid Game (Best TV Director)

9) Jeong Ka-young, Wang Hye-ji-Romance Without Love (Best Screenplay)

10) Kim Shin-rok-Hellbound (Supporting Actress in TV)

11) Jo Woo-jin-King Maker (Supporting Actor in Film)

12) Escape From Mogadishu (Best Film)

13) Cho Hyun Chul-D.P. (Supporting Actor in TV)

14) Kim Hye-jun-Inspector Koo (New Actress in TV)

15) Squid Game (Grand Prize in TV)

16) Koo Kyo-hwan-D.P. (New Actor in TV)

17) Kim Tae-ri (Most Popular Actress)

18) Sol Kyung-gu- King Maker (Leading Actor in Film)

19) Lee Jun-ho- (Most Popular Actor)

20) Kim Min-suk-Juvenile Justice (Best TV Script)

21) Lee Soo Kyung-Join VIP (Supporting Actress in Film)

22) Street Woman Fighter (TV Entertainment Program)

23) Joo Hyun-young (Female Variety Performer)

24) Jo Eun-ji-Perhaps Love (New Film Director)

25) Jung Jae Il-Squid Game (Best Technical Achievement in Television)

26) Lee Yong-jin (Male Variety Performer)

27) Lee Hong-nae- Hot Blooded (New Actor in Film)


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  1. Dera

    Kim Tae Ri’s awards were well deserved. I’m so happy for her.

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