You are currently viewing Watch: Netflix drama “Glitch,” Jeon Yeo Been and Nana look for strange things

Watch: Netflix drama “Glitch,” Jeon Yeo Been and Nana look for strange things

The Netflix series ‘Glitch’ is a multi-dimensional or more tracking drama in which Jihyo, who sees an alien, and Bora, who has been hunting an alien life, search for Jihyo’s partner, who has vanished without a trace, and approach the reality of the ‘unconfirmed’ mystery.


Hong Jihyo (Jeon Yeo Been), a regular office worker with a stable career, a strong boyfriend, and plenty of money, has spent decades ignoring the fact that she occasionally sees aliens. Jihyo, who is pursuing the traces, meets Heo Bora (Nana), an ex-friend who has been investigating the mystery for a long time, and the three unidentified flying object galleries working with her.

This intriguing plot was written by writer Jin Jin Sae, who shocked viewers all over the world with his first feature drama ‘Extracurricular.’

He picked the subject of UFOs and aliens more brazenly than anybody else after capturing the gloomy realities of our civilization with his acute intellect and bold handwriting. “Glitches are system bugs.” ‘Is this right?’ everyone wonders. There are moments I wish I could have, but I felt it was a bug that came to life.” He clarified the series’ theme, saying that unrealistic material blends into regular situations and that the experiences, companionship, and mystery of two friends investigating a unique occurrence are intertwined. 

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