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Watch: Lee Gon Suk and YoonA see their lives take a U-turn

Upcoming MBC K-drama ‘Big Mouth’ has released a new teaser and we are more excited than ever. Actor Lee Jong Suk plays the role of Park Chang Ho, a third grade lawyer who has a very low success rate of 10 percent and a big mouth. He becomes involved in a murder case that lands him in a fix and eventually turns into Big Mouse. He now has to protect his family and keep them safe, having to uncover a huge conspiracy.

The latest teaser shows Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, who plays the role of his wife Go Mi Ho, dealing with a seemingly incompetent Park Chang Ho who asks her not to worry and that he’ll take care of everything. Following a big incident, he ends up in a prison where he fights with other inmates, however once someone threatens his family, he changes to become the real Big Mouse, a powerful conman. With a determined look on his face, he becomes a force to be reckoned with. Willing himself to change completely, he decides, “I’m going to start hunting. According to the ‘Big Mouse’ law, I will do it my way. From now on, I’m the real Big Mouse.” He no longer fears the other prisoners. Kwak Dong Won joins Park Chang Ho as Jerry, a person who looks up to the real Big Mouse.

Meanwhile, Big Mouse premieres on 29th July, 9:50 P.M K.S.T

Click below for the teaser

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