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Watch:  “Honest Candidate” Sequel as Ra Mi Ran Gets A Second Chance To Become Mayor

The sequel to the successful comedy film “Honest Candidate” from 2020 has released posters and a trailer!


The first film follows Joo Sang Sook (Ra Mi Ran), a National Assembly member who finds herself unable to lie just before a new round of elections, despite the fact that her entire political career has been built on falsehoods.


Ra Mi Ran will reprise her role as Joo Sang Sook, a former National Assembly member who is now unemployed, in “Honest Candidate 2.” Kim Moo Yeol will return as her trusted aide Park Hui Cheol, and Yoon Kyung Ho will play her immature spouse Bong Man Shik. Seo Hyun Woo, Park Jin Joo, and Highlight’s Yoon Doo Joon join the cast of the sequel.


A trailer for “Honest Candidate 2” has also been published, which chronicles Joo Sang Sook’s second opportunity at political success. The video begins with Joo Sang Sook’s new existence as an unemployed man after failing to become Mayor of Seoul. Joo Sang Sook recognizes she has a second chance at being elected after being featured in the news for a noble deed and seizes it.

She is miraculously elected governor of Gangwon Province, but she and her aide Park Hui Cheol get themselves into problems when they can’t keep their honest, big mouths quiet.

On September 28, “Honest Candidate 2” will be released in theaters around Korea.

Click below for trailer!

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