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“Tomorrow” Reacts To Claims That They Used BTS Members’ Names And Birth Dates To Represent The Dead

MBC’s Friday-Saturday fantasy drama “Tomorrow” has responded to the controversy surrounding BTS V’s real name- Kim Tae Hyung and Jungkook’s birth date being used in a list of the deceased in a recent episode. 

Earlier on a netizen uploaded a pictur from the scene highlighting the birthdates of the BTS”s members being recorded on the “Registry Of The Entering Dead” in the drama’s seventh episode, which aired on April 22, This sparked an uproar among fans of BTS and the internet at large. The drama recorded the names and birthdays of BTS members in the registry—V and Jungkook. V’s real name appeared on a list of homicide victims. 


The third entry on the list was for a man named “Kim Tae Hyung,” who was born on November 12, 1971. Netizens soon realized that not only did it have the same name as BTS’s V, but they also used his exact birthday, changing the year from 1995 to 1971, whereas “Kim Yoo Rim,” which had nothing to do with BTS, the date of birth was written as “1997.9.1,” which is the exact date of birth of BTS’s Jungkook.

“Wow, I can completely understand why the fans are f*cking mad..”

 “It’s clear it was intentional even with the birthdays, but what is this? Are they trying to stir up buzz? I think we need to find out who wrote this and get to the bottom of it. It’s pretty frightening?”

“The cause of death is murder. This is so disturbing and malicious.”

“MBC crossed the line. Apologize to BTS immediately. “

On May 17, a spokesperson from the drama stepped out in response to the incident. According to the spokesman, the figures were purely coincidental, and the drama had no intention of disparaging the BTS members.

“They are nothing more than a combination of numbers with no other intentions.”


Many internet users are skeptical of the representative’s explanations. Netizens swarmed the drama’s official website’s comment area, demanding, “Do you think the use of two names and the birthdays of four BTS members is a coincidence?” “We require an explanation as well as an official apology,” “Please remove this scene.”

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