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This K-drama actress appeared in four hit dramas in 2022 and has made headlines online

If you’re a K-drama fan and have been watching all of the hit dramas that have aired and are currently airing, you’ve probably noticed a certain face. When it comes to the most common face on the screen this year, you should applaud Seo Hye Won, who has appeared in four hit projects in the first seven months of 2022. 

Seo Hye Won made her debut in 2018 and has not stepped on the brakes of her career since. Seo Hye Won has appeared in over ten dramas since her debut, but she only gained popularity after her chingu line in “A Business Proposal,” in which she played a supporting character. The actress played the rich and wacky cousin of the show’s second female lead, Young Seo (Seol In Ah), who created a number of hilarious moments. Unfortunately, despite her lavish attire, this character’s over-the-top personality, expression, and ill-fitting hairstyle detracted her cute visuals, though they added to the drama’s charm.


Following “Business Proposal,” Seo Hye Won made her historical drama debut with “Bloody Heart,” in which she played a maid who was always by the side of the female lead. Despite having a lot of screen time, Seo Hye Won’s was not really acknowledged because of her looks simple looks and bad styling but besides that, she never deviated from her role but stayed true to her character.


She is also currently starring in “Alchemy of souls” where she plays a swindler cornered by circumstances to side with bad people. As the drama progresses her screen time widens as much as her role broadens, fans have speculated that she might be playing a villain down the part which broadens her great acting skills to fit beyond a best friend or slow witted person.


Lastly, Seo Hye Won can currently be seen in the hit drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” Her screen time was extremely brief this time, but her styling was so good that she shifted her long-said personality of being slow and wacky.

Since she has mostly starred in Rom-coms, viewers are anticipating her main role soon in a Rom-com drama and can’t wait to see her transformation.


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