You are currently viewing Tears Flow And Tension Grows In Teaser For ‘Mental Coach Jegal’

Tears Flow And Tension Grows In Teaser For ‘Mental Coach Jegal’

A new highlight trailer for “Mental Coach Jegal” has been released by tvN.

In the sports drama “Mental Coach Jegal,” a former national athlete who stops competing after generating a scandal becomes a mental trainer who works with both retired professional athletes and active athletes who are struggling.

Former national Taekwondo competitor Je Gal Gil, played by Jung Woo, later works as a mental coach in the athletes’ village. Je Gal Gil is permanently banned from the village and given the nickname “unlucky Taekwondo prodigy” after he causes an unprecedented accident there during his days as an athlete.

Lee Yoo Mi plays Cha Ga Eul, a gold medalist in short track speed skating who has hit a rough patch. After meeting, Je Gal Gil and Cha Ga Eul assist each other in confronting their inner scars and reaching turning points in their lives.

Kwon Yool will play Gu Tae Man, the director of the Korean Olympic Committee’s Human Rights Center. The former Olympic gold medallist in Taekwondo has a great hunger for power and is the reason Je Gal Gil’s life changed quickly.

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The first episode of “Mental Coach Jegal” will air on September 12 at 10:30. KST

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