You are currently viewing South Korean actors’ shocking before and after plastic surgery transformations (PART 1)

South Korean actors’ shocking before and after plastic surgery transformations (PART 1)

Some of our biggest stars owe their god-like appearances to plastic surgery, and some have been honest about it. Here is a list of Korean actors who have had cosmetic surgery in the past.

1. Park Min Young



park min young before and after pictures

Park Min Young gained fame as the lead in the historical-romance drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.” Her old images spread on the internet as her popularity grew, fuelling speculation that she had undergone plastic surgery.

Park Min Young told Sports Chosun in 2010: “I put an end to the speculations once and for all.” “I’m not going to declare I have something I don’t, or that I don’t have something I have. I had plastic surgery. In junior high, I had double eyelid surgery. My mother agreed to let me have it so that I could become more attractive. I also had my nose done, but just because it was crooked in junior high.”

However, it looks like she performed more work on her face than she let on, as her jawline was squarish in her before photographs but suddenly got slimmer and defined.

2. Ji Chang Wook


JCW before and after pictures

Although not a huge difference, it was noticeable as he adjusted his nose structure. He made his acting debut with his original nose but later felt the urge to change it. In an interview, he stated that the first time he went to get his nose done, he was afraid and left since the doctor told him he would look odd. Later, in 2013, he mustered the confidence to have the procedure before returning to acting with a role in the Empress ki cast.

3. Lee Da Hee



One of the most amazing transformations we could ever see in the industry.

She was suspected of having jawline reduction surgery after as well as double eyelid surgery and nose operations. She also lost weight in order for her new features to align with her body.

4. Lee Soo Hyuk



He never admitted to anything but fans noticed the overnight changes in his facial features. Because Lee Soo-hyuk has a naturally pointy face, numerous netizens couldn’t believe the fuller appearance was the product of weight gain. They assume that the star had botox injections to plump out his face. Other absurd theories include surgery to change the curve of his mouth. Besides that, they made note of the changes and believe Lee Soo-hyuk has had surgery to change his body and muscles.

But he insists that “I am totally original, and this is a result of heavy workout and exercises”.

5. Hong Soo Ah

Hong so ah before and after surgery

According to Hong Soo Ah, she just had eyelid surgery and the rest of her alterations are due to exercise. She also stated that she had to do so in order to be cast in more roles and her decisions really worked out for her as she grew in popularity in both China and Korea.


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