You are currently viewing Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won are reportedly being replaced in the second season of ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ 

Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won are reportedly being replaced in the second season of ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ 

Season 2 of tvN’s ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ will have a substantial cast shift, according to a media outlet published on April 20.

tvN’s ‘Arthdal Chronicles,’ which first broadcast between June and July of 2019, is an ancient fantasy drama series set in a fictional land known as Arth. Initially, due to its production cost of over 54 million KRW ( $44 million USD), the drama was considered one of the most anticipated productions of the year throughout its production phases.

When the series finally debuted, it was met with harsh criticism from viewers for its bad CG, unrealistic storyline, and plagiarism claims. Despite continuing audience criticism and low viewership numbers, the drama’s production company, Studio Dragon, is fixated on pursuing a second season of ‘Arthdal Chronicles.’

However, after the completion of season 1, Studio Dragon has run across a slew of red flags in its pursuit of season 2. First and foremost, director Kim Won Seok withdrew from the project. The drama’s male lead actor Song Joong Ki and female lead actress Kim Ji Won both followed suit, canceling their roles in the second season owing to scheduling issues.



Currently, it appears that Studio Dragon has cast Lee Jun Ki in the male lead role of ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ season 2, Eun Seom. According to reports, Lee Jun Ki is pleased with the offer for season 2 of ‘Arthdal Chronicles.’

Furthermore, actress Shin Se Kyung has been identified as the most likely contender to play the female protagonist character Tan Ya in season 2 of ‘Arthdal Chronicles.’ Meanwhile, actor Jang Dong Gun will reprise his role as Ta Gon, while actress Kim Ok Bin’s return as Tae Al-ha is yet unknown.


Keep an eye out for more information on the second season of ‘Arthdal Chronicles.’

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  1. Adesewa

    The season 1 is very interesting and I think changing the male lead and female lead in season 2 will make it less interesting , that means I will have to rewatch the season 1 to understand

  2. Firdaws

    Season 1 was interesting and I don’t think they should change the male and female leads.

  3. Iamddemomast

    I don’t know why Koreans usually don’t appreciate their master pieces, arthdal chronicles is a masterpiece, why they criticized it I don’t get. I personally can’t wait to see how the season 2 will play out, infact they can use my grandma and grandpa as main leads and I will still love it I swear, the story is sooo rich

  4. Queen Floral

    I love this movie series alot, in fact I think it’s the best of the best have ever watched I don’t know why they criticized it. Well Lee Joon gi is also a best actor bet the season 2 will be alot more fun
    Looking forward to it
    Can’t even waut for it

  5. Mhiz flame

    The drama was very fun I don’t think the male and female leads Should be changed

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