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Shin Seung-ho: A Love Post About Alchemy of Souls Crown Prince

The Crown Prince in Alchemy of Souls has got everyone talking for all the good reasons!

Shin Seung-ho’s display of charms and charisma on the set of Alchemy of Souls has moved the hearts of thousands of fans all over the world. 

You probably may not have picked up the Crown Prince’s name during the first impressions portrayed of him in the older episodes of the drama- allow us to reintroduce our very own Prince, Prince Go Won!

go won

Actor Shin Seung-ho’s big build (6 ft 1inch tall plus bold biceps) and stern looks might have thrown some viewers overboard as his first impressions hovered around being mindless and thoughtless. The drama quickly progressed and showed our prince in a different light.

Him helping out and favoring Mu deok-i a slave girl, rubbing minds with his supposed rival Jang Uk to uncover the truth behind the soul shifters made hearts pop out of the eyes of viewers.

Since his debut in 2018, actor Shin Seung-ho has appeared in over six dramas, and if you’re eye thirsty for this tall cup of goodness, you can sit back and enjoy some of his prominent works.

1. D.P- played the role of one of the bullies.


2. How To Buy A Friend- plays the role of a student that does not like studying, but rather likes working to help him pay off his living expenses.-


Find him on Instagram @seungho__shin

What other dramas have you seen Shin Seung-ho in? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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