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Renowned BTS Member Jin transforms into an intern at Maple Story

Jin from BTS shows up to Maple Story as a nervous office intern worker.


Maple Story released the first episode of ‘Office Warrior Kim Seok Jin’ on August 16 KST, introducing 10-year K-pop idol and global sensation Jin as a new intern for Maple Story’s planning team. 

Jin has frequently voiced his affection for the game and has previously collaborated with it alongside his fellow BTS members. It was also previously teased when Jin took to Instagram to share his employee ID card.


The episode that was broadcast today begins with a scenario that was previously shown in a teaser, in which Jin arrives outside the workplace, preparing for his first day, and says, “Mapler Kim Seokjin, I’m off to work.” The BTS member then leaves for his first ever interview for an office job, where, despite his nerves, he successfully conveys his dedication to the game, walking away with an offer to start work the next day.

After getting to know some of the team members, Jin goes to unbox his welcome kit before enjoying an interesting lunchtime with his seniors. 

The second episode will be released on August 18, followed by a behind-the-scenes footage on August 25.

Watch Jin’s first day at Maple Story in the clip above!

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