You are currently viewing Red Sleeve star Junho speaks on his acting career and many more on Yoo Quiz Block

Red Sleeve star Junho speaks on his acting career and many more on Yoo Quiz Block

Lee Junho of 2PM recently appeared on tvN’s variety show “Yoo Quiz on the Block” 


Lee Junho appeared on the program on June 29 and discussed a lot about his acting career.

Concerning claims that “all drama scripts are going to Lee Junho” following his outstanding performance in the successful drama “The Red Sleeve,” he stated, “Fortunately, so many people are [giving me roles] that it takes me a long time to study and review [the scripts].” He surprised the hosts, Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho, by saying that he had received about 100 scripts.


He was also questioned about his 16kg weight reduction for the role of Crown Prince Yi San in ‘The Red Sleeve,’ as well as why he rented a one-room apartment in Busan and lived there with all the curtains closed even during the day for 5 months straight while filming ‘Rain or Shine.'”


“I did,” Lee Joon-ho said. I can’t seem to get out of this on/off mood. I’m not the kind to readily become engrossed in my role as soon as the shoot begins. In other ways, I’m still slow. I performed all of these things because I believed I should maintain the atmosphere in my daily life.”

“The character Kang-doo in ‘Rain or Shine’ is awful,” he continued. He even has a time constraint in the drama. I developed white nose hair as a result of my indirect encounter. I was quite stressed. I shed buckets of sweat every time I slept. I was so engrossed in the character that I kept losing weight and feeling sick. I spent 5 months filming the drama in Busan. I haven’t gone back since the filming wrapped. But I still believe that troubling myself in that way is beneficial to me.”


Junho said he was involved in a terrible accident while participating in group activities. At that point, he was given the opportunity to audition for the film “Cold Eyes.” He attended the audition despite still being recuperating from surgery and that is how he’s acting career began.

Finally, Lee Junho said, “I want to maintain this frame of mind. Both being unsettled and exhausted are something I wish to avoid. I believe that the previous 15 years have helped me develop since I no longer become too thrilled, pleased, or upset.

In response,  Yoo Jae Suk said “You should pay attention to your feelings. When you’re furious, you need to express that anger, and if you disagree with anything, you need to say so. You have to be yourself.”

The rest of the interview is available on tVN

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