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Power Queens for the first half of 2022 and lessons learned

The first half of 2022 offered a lot, and we had a lot to take in. 

All in all, the hype and passion for depicting women to be independent and inspirational have grown all over the world, and K-dramas aren’t slowing down. Beyond the antics and sassiness they had to pull off in their respective roles, these ladies endured disappointments, and these are the lessons we learned from the Power Queens who demonstrated the epitome of bravery.

From Yumi to Why her? and even Eve, we’d be breaking down our thoughts on these dramas and many more these women have featured in.

Note: There are spoilers

1. Yumi

Not all women have to be proud, rude, and sassy for them to pass a point and be a better version of themselves and Yumi is a pure example of that. 

Most people might not account for the wins Yumi has amassed over the time she was introduced to us as a character. 

Yumi made great achievements in her career, as well as her relationships which were, pointed out in season 1 to be very dreadful. She was able to follow her dreams and become a well-known writer even when her age would have been a deterring force and never gave up until she lucked out as a good writer and even in her relationships, she grew to understand her values more, what she could condone and what she would not stand for. 

Season 1 made us understand Yumi was more of a push-over but her character grew over years and in Yumi 2 she displayed exemplary behaviours.


2. Why her?

Ever seen a cool, calm, and collected lawyer as good as Oh Soo Jae?

Not to go illegal, Oh Soo Jae was one of the best at strategizing even when she was the most underrated rose to the top and became respected by a lot of people. Made a name for herself and also a lot of money while carrying out justice and dealing with her lingering past without it acting as a form of distraction to her work.


oh Soo Jae

3. Eve

Going up against the high and might from the lowest points of life is not an easy task. Even though Lee La El faced a lot of difficulties while growing up, with her courage and determination she was able to take on very bad people in society. She employed endurance and patience, and in fact, did a lot of studying.

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