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Park Eun Bin reveals that it took the director a year to get her to appear on ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’

With the success of ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” the background of lead actress Park Eun Bin’s casting is coming to light.


The fashion publication Allure Korea published an editorial and interview with Park Eun Bin on the 24th of last month. As Woo Young Woo, an attorney with an autism spectrum disorder, in the television series “Woo Young Woo,” Park Eun Bin has been gaining a lot of popularity and recognition. When asked why she chose this project, Park Eun Bin said during the interview, “I was actually offered this role at the same time as the drama ‘The King’s Affection.’ I really thought this drama was a good project, but I was not confident if I’d do well.”


Park Eun Bin went on to say, “I was terrified, and I didn’t know if I’d do well enough to avoid hurting others’ feelings. So I deliberated for a while and rejected the role several times. However, the director and writer stated that they would wait for me. I wanted to repay them for their faith in me, so I mustered the courage to take on the role.”


In fact, writer Moon Ji Won and director Yoo In Sik waited a year before casting Park Eun Bin in this drama. As a result of the success of the drama ‘The King’s Affection,’ Park Eun Bin decided to film ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo.’



Park Eun Bin revealed that this project was difficult and time-consuming “I felt this was really hard but then I started to get an idea so things started unraveling from then.” She also added, “I felt that the writer and director had much expectation of me. So, they helped me bring up the courage to film this project.”


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