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Park Bo Young Reveals Where She Keeps Her Diary and Why

On “You Quiz on the Block,” Park Bo Young discussed her work, family, and more!

Park Bo Young appeared as a guest on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” on April 27 for the program’s “Your Diary” special.

Park Bo Young, revealed that she first started keeping a notebook to improve her interview skills. “When I do interviews after a project is ended, I do them straight after filming for dramas, but I do them later for films because of post-production, and I can’t recall any experiences ” the actress explained. When reporters ask for new experiences and I struggle to come up with a couple, they remark, “I saw that in an article.” Following that, I began writing down what had occurred.”

“That’s how it started,” she said humorously, “but it quickly turned into a hit list.” There were a lot of self-reflective interrogative queries.”


“Since I’m writing in it every day, there are a lot of positive things,” Park Bo Young explained, “but I also write about sad and furious things, so I feared something disastrous could happen if it was leaked.” Park Bo Young also disclosed that she kept her journal in a safe. I believed I’d be in great trouble if a criminal broke into my house and this was released, so I put it in a safe.”

“That’s why, if I were in an accident, I told my extremely close friend, ‘You have to go to my house and retrieve the journal in the safe first, no matter what,'” she continued. “Isn’t it best to destroy them?” presenter Yoo Jae Suk questioned, concerned about the diaries being discovered. “I’ve been keeping them in the safe since 2014, but I burned all the ones before that,” Park Bo Young replied.

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