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“Pachinko” has been renewed for a second season

According to producer Soo Hugh, the global AppleTV+ original series ‘Pachinko,’  has been renewed for a second season.

‘Pachinko,’ starring Youn Yeo Jung, Lee Min Ho, Kim Min Ha, Jung Eun Chae, and others, depicts a Korean immigrant family’s journey from Korea to Japan and the United States through four generations, as the family members encounter war, peace, love, heartbreak, victory, and judgment. The first season of the show ended earlier this week, on April 29, with a total of eight episodes.

In light of the series’ renewal, producer Soo Hugh stated, “Words cannot explain how happy I am to be able to continue portraying the incredible story of this tenacious family… I’m grateful to the incredible staff at Apple and Media Res studio for believing in and supporting this program, as well as to our ardent fans who have supported us. It’s a privilege to be able to continue working with such a talented cast and crew.”

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