You are currently viewing “It’s Beautiful Now” slipped out the behind the scenes of a daring first kiss

“It’s Beautiful Now” slipped out the behind the scenes of a daring first kiss

‘Now is Beautiful’ has published an unreleased behind-the-scenes edit of Seo Beom-jun X Choi Ye-bin’s “Center of the World” kiss scene, which was the center of attention last weekend.

According to the PD team, Seo Beom-jun and Choi Ye-bin were nervously watching the monitor before filming. However, when the shoot sign appeared, they immediately focused on each other, surpassing the older brothers to create the first romantic scene. “Because this is an essential part in which Soojae and Yuna affirm the strange trembling towards one other, the two actors chatted more than normal and worked together,” the production team explained. He worked hard to keep track of everything so that he didn’t miss anything. As in, in the drama, I must have been frightened because so many people were watching, but a wonderful moment was finished thanks to the efforts of the two actors to immerse themselves in the scenario.”



Curiosity was also aroused by Soojae and Yuna’s ‘After the First Kiss Scene,’ in which they reaffirmed each other’s sentiments in this manner, and the preview video for episode 11 was released soon after the broadcast had an unexpected reaction. Soo-jae, who was confident in the ‘two-way romance,’ proposed a real marriage, but Yuna responded, “Isn’t it the goal of a marriage to generate money from the start? “I have no plans to get married.” Above all, it appears that an unanticipated variable has emerged in the romance of the youngest, who appeared to run without hesitation.

According to the production crew, “Please wait to witness what happens after kissing Soojae and Yuna, who was adored by viewers for their daring relationship, and how Junghu’s appearance will impact those balancing between friends and lovers.”

 ‘Now is Beautiful’ airs on KBS 2TV every Saturday and Sunday at 8 p.m.


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