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New KBS2 Family Drama Leaves Viewers Guessing From Teaser Poster

“Three Siblings Bravely” on KBS2 is getting ready to broadcast!


“Three Siblings Bravely” is a fun family drama about three siblings that chronicle the romance of Lee Sang Joon, the eldest son who has it everything. The plot delves into what occurs when he falls in love with Kim Tae Joo, the oldest of her siblings who grew up giving everything for her family.


Im Joo Hwan will play Lee Sang Joon, the Lee family’s eldest son. He has always been treated as a prince, and he adores his family. Lee Sang Joon grows up to become a successful actor who pays off his family’s debts, but he is involved in an accident one day and finds himself in a hospital where he sees Kim Tae Joo, his first love from elementary school.

Lee Ha Na will play Kim Tae Joo, the Kim family’s eldest daughter who has given up and sacrificed all for her younger siblings. When she is upset, she will willingly scream, and she will cut off people she despises without hesitation.



Kim So Eun will play Kim So Rim, the middle child of the Kim family and Kim Tae Joo’s younger sister, in the drama. Kim So Rim, a lovely pilates instructor with a sunny attitude, is a pleasant and sociable person who gets along well with her sisters.




Kim Geon Woo, the younger brother of Kim Tae Joo and Kim So Rim, will be played by Lee Yoo Jin. Kim is the spoiled baby sibling at home but a trustworthy doctor.


The poster’s caption reads, “From now on, we’ll bravely,” lead viewers to wonder on what type of courageous story they will tell.” 

“While planning the poster, we thought a lot about how to convey the courage of the performers, like the title of the play,” the production team said. We reasoned that by dressing the performers in rough and dark denim, they would naturally convey the promising energy of youth. The backdrop is akin to Korea’s representative hue blue, and by adding mint color to it, we hope to be recognized as Korea’s representative drama.”


The first episode of “Three Siblings Bravely” will air on September 24 at 8 p.m. KST.




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