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Netflix Korea gave casts hints for the season 2 of D.P

D.P will be coming back to our small screens! 

Earlier today Netflix Korea gave a hint for the casts of the new season of D.P.

D.P was originally released in August 2021 and was confirmed for a second season in that same year.

D.P. is set in 2014 and follows a team of Korean military police on a mission to apprehend deserters.

The series emphasizes the unsavory nature of the military, particularly in the context of South Korea. Bullying and hazing are common, as is the philosophy of “survival of the fittest,” with those assumed to be the “weakest” placed at the bottom of the pile and served horrible experiences at the hands of their superiors and countrymen.

Private Ahn Joon-ho and Corporal Han Ho-yul join forces to find the deserters, which leads to an exciting voyage.


Under the post, it captioned “Their story is not over yet.  Jeong He-in, Gu Gyo-hwan, Kim Sung-hyuk, Son Seok-gu, and new faces Ji Jin-hee and Kim Ji-hyun are together.”

Are you excited for a season 2?

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