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Nam Joo Hyuk’s agency takes legal action against “false accusers”

On June 24, management SOOP issued an official statement in which it stated that it had filed a complaint against people who accused its star, Nam Joo Hyuk, of school violence.

Nam Joo Hyuk was previously accused of bullying in school. An anonymous tipper accused Nam Joo Hyuk of school bullying for six years throughout middle and high school, according to an exclusive media story on June 20th. The tipper presented a yearbook photo as proof, claiming that the actor was a member of a group that tormented other classmates, beat them up, cursed them out, stole their money, and more.

As soon as the reports were made public, Management SOOP stated that the false accusers will face severe legal consequences. The agency then filed a criminal case against the individuals who made fake claims and false reports on June 24.

The agency stated, “We filed a criminal complaint against the media reporter, the CEO of the media outlet, and the anonymous informant who made false reports against Nam Joo Hyuk, accusing him of being a school bully. We have filed the complaint against these individuals for violating the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (defamation).”

The agency firmly emphasized, “We sincerely hope that the truth will be clearly revealed through a prompt investigation and that actor Nam Joo Hyuk’s tarnished name and honor be restored.”

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