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Here are Some the Casts of New Korean Remake of British Drama “Cleaning Up”

Cleaning Up is a remake of a British television series of the same name that tells the story of the struggle of three cleaners at a security firm. They try to create a new destiny for themselves after overhearing about insider trading. Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Jun So Min, Yum Jung Ah, and Kim Jae Hwa will be starring in the drama.

Cleaning Up will be directed by Yoon Sung Sik of “Hwarang” and “Bridal Mask” and written by scriptwriter Choi Kyung Mi of “Return.” The upcoming drama will air in the first half of this year via JTBC following the conclusion of the drama “My Liberation Notes.”

Via a media outlet the production team shared, “Yum Jung Ah, Jun So Min, and Kim Jae Hwa, who raise anticipation for their great performances with just their names, are perfectly immersing into their characters to create a high-quality project. The challenge of the three people aiming to hit the ceiling in terms of stocks and in life will also deliver maximized fun to the small screen. Please show lots of interest.”

Lee Moo Saeng, who is currently prima in JTBC’s “Thirty-Nine,” can be taking part in a task of a mysterious character Lee Young Shin who is taken into account to be a perfect man among women. He is romantic and sexy and gentle speech with his words, having everything desired from a romantic partner. though Lee Young Shin works as an informant for a law firm, he is a personality enveloped in mystery with his precise occupation being unknown. Lee Moo Saeng’s explosive charms will build viewers’ anticipation of his coming change.

Lee Moo Saeng

Yum Jung Ah will be returning to the screens with her first drama in three years since she starred in the hit JTBC drama “SKY Castle.” She will be starring as Bested Investment Securities’ cleaner Eo Yong Mi who is busy making a living as a cleaner during the weekdays and a housekeeper during the weekends. She is a mother and the head of a household who has to raise her two precious daughters. She makes a vital call when she is given a chance after hearing insider trading information.


Na In Woo, who is committed to winning the hearts of viewers in dramas and variety shows, will play Doo Young, a student who rents a room from Eo Young Mi (Yum Jung Ah) while he earns his doctorate.  He is a nerdy character who is good with his hands and well versed in machinery and electricity. Doo Young has warmhearted, so anyone who feels his warmth will support him fiercely. With its pure and luminous image, Na In Woo will create a beautiful synergy with his character.

Na In Woo

Jun So Min will play as Eo Yong Mi’s co-worker Ahn In Kyung, who saves money doing housework to fulfill her dream of opening a bar on the go with a small food truck. She is upset by Yong Mi’s decision, but due to her shy and fearful personality, she often plays a role in questioning the sudden upswings in  stock wars.

Jun So Min

Kim Jae Hwa will be taking on the role of Meng Soo Ja, a cleaner who also dreams of finding success in life. She is friendly to the extent that it will only take her five minutes to convince a complete stranger to be on her side. However, she only uses her skills when they are necessary for her benefit. Although she is a deceptive character with many faces and even more schemes, she is a figure who cannot be left out of the three ladies’ stock operation

Kim Jae Hwa

The PD team also said “In the coming first half of this year, the two men Lee Young Shin and Doo Young, who will captivate the hearts of female viewers with their contrasting charms, will come to the small screen. Please look forward to what exciting story Lee Moo Saeng and Na In Woo, who will immerse themselves into their characters while being perfectly in sync with them, will create as they harmonize with the security firm’s three cleaners Yum Jung Ah, Jun So Min, and Kim Jae Hwa. Please affectionately keep a watch out for their performance.”

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