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Moments We Can’t Get Over From ‘In The Soop: Friendcation’

The Wooga Squad let us into their beautiful friendship with the variety show “In The Soop”.

These moments had us feeling mushy and raised the bar for friendship goals. Here are adorable moments the Wooga Squad gave us “In The Soop”

1. V’s cuddling

We are ultimately not surprised with V’s cuteness overdose but we definitely didn’t see that coming. From Park Seo Joon to Park Hyung Sik, V gave and received cuddles from his Wooga parents to sleep and that might have been one of the cutest things we got to see this year.


2. Choi Woo Sik’s  weird joke

In a group, surely there’s always someone throwing around weird jokes, and as much as you do not want to laugh you find yourself bursting out in laughter. That friend is Choi Woo Sik in the Wooga squad. 


3. Park Seo Joon Dad moments

Park Seo Joon gave us every reason to keep him at the top of our Oppa list. Showing a different side to him from what we see him as onscreen, we got to see Park Seo Joon cook for the house, play with friends, encourage them and correct them when saying something wrong or having the right posture exercising.


4. Peakboy’s genuine career struggle disclosure

Seeing stars tell us about their difficulties in the industry can sound like a scripted scene, but Peakboy made a genuine confession that struck a cord in our hearts and even motivated more than a dozen number of us who are battling in our various areas.

5. Park Hyung sik’s laughter

He probably did not have enough screen time but when he did he sure laughed a lot. What got us more was that his laughter was contagious and anytime he did it in some way got us laughing or smiling sheepishly.

park hyung sik

Watching the fire, deep conversations, and mini fireworks

This list might not come to an end with just four episodes we had but these moments were really inspiring, motivating, and fun.

The joy we could get from little things as long as we have our friends with us. The encouragement and the hope when we can raise from inside of us when we know we are not alone in this journey, even when we begin to feel alone we remember there’s someone somewhere rooting for us.

The DS (dramastruck) team is thanking the Producers and crew of IN THE SOOP for letting us enjoy beautiful moments alongside the Wooga Squad

Tell us the moments you enjoyed while watching IN THE SOOP in the comments below and stand the chance of crafting our next article with us! 

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