You are currently viewing “Military Prosecutor Doberman” Star Ahn Bo-hyun expresses his views about playing his first leading role

“Military Prosecutor Doberman” Star Ahn Bo-hyun expresses his views about playing his first leading role

According to Nielsen Korea, the final episode ended on a high note, with an average nationwide rating of more than 10 percent. “It’s really unfortunate that I now have to say farewell to the work,” Ahn Bo-hyun remarked through his agency FN Entertainment on April 27th. I was able to mature further and meet many wonderful people. There were many pressures, but I attempted to communicate my worries to the writer and director”, adding to that he said, “I’m also grateful to all of the staff, my fellow actors, and the viewers.” It was a privilege for me to be with everyone on Mondays and Tuesdays as ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman.’

“It was fantastic to explore the genre that deals with military courts for my first main role,” the actor recalls. Do Bae-man is a figure who has a hazy understanding of what is good and evil. I tried to put myself in the shoes of Do Bae-man. Later on, I evolved into Do Bae-man.”

Do Be Man

“Realizing my own flaws and truly asking for forgiveness from the victims helped me grow up,” he continued. It was nice to reveal the appearance while putting my pride down.”

“In episode 6, I went to the dock to hunt Noh Tae-nam who stowed away,” Ahn Bo-hyun stated, referring to the pursuing scene with Noh Tae-nam (Kim Woo-seok) as his most memorable scene. I proposed diving into the waters. It was a frigid day, and I had to make a significant decision. “I’m proud that the scene turned out better than I expected.”


Ahn Bo-hyun remarked that his relationship with his co-stars was flawless. “It was so much fun because our law office family members were all pals of the same age,” he explained. “We kept an eye on each other and posted amusing moments on our SNS,” the seniors said, adding, “The seniors led us to act in a comfortable environment.” I also discussed the direction of my character’s portrayal with them.”

Finally, Ahn Bo-hyun stated, “This is a piece I will never forget.” It was a lot of fun to try out a new genre and play Do Bae-man.” “It’s my first time playing a military prosecutor, so I’m incredibly glad that everyone appreciated the drama so much,” he added. In the future, I shall do my best to improve my performance without losing sight of my original intentions.”

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