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Meet your new favorite k-dramas: 8 dramas you should start watching now

We all know what it means to be crazed about K-dramas, we’ve been there and we’ve survived to live and see more of it.

Keeping up with K-dramas can be daunting, especially when all your fave dramas are ongoing, but don’t worry, in this list we’ve curated 8 K-dramas you didn’t know you needed to see- and there’s something for everyone, so take up your gadget and commence watching now!

1. Chicago Typewriter 

At first, this drama might look plain or slow but if you look a little closer and wait a minute longer, you spot all its beautiful details. While slowly uncovering layer by layer like a love detector, your curiosity starts to grow. Until it takes you to a point where you eagerly wait for the next revelation that you know will come like the drama psychic you are.,

2.  Bulgasal: Immortal Souls

Bulgasal literally means “impossible to kill”, I mean who does not want to be sucked into the world of immortals and their crazy power tussle and upside-down romances. Be sure to drink a lot of water as you watch because this drama would leave you feeling dehydrated over the tears you’ll lose as you watch.

3. My Unfamiliar Family

A drama that banks on family and a slew of misunderstandings that drives the story, a heart-warming and soothing drama that takes your mind home even when you are in the middle of a crazy day or time in your life. 

4.  Pinocchio

If you are reading this and have ever skipped by this drama for reasons best known to you, it’s high time you revisit it. This drama has pretty much everything – a compelling romance, exciting mysteries, action scenes and of course picture-perfect humans.

5.  7 First Kisses

Who isn’t cut out for a happy ending?! This is specifically recommended if you’re on the lookout for a drama featuring one of your biases and sheesh!!!  the odds are pretty high cause I mean, what a line-up!

6. Go Ho’s Starry Night

A lot of us are not over the office romance trope and if you are one of us then take a step or two back and get into this cutesy sweet romance. Nothing but fun! fun!! fun!!! all the way.

7. Wednesday 3:30 pm

This is not a reminder to check your phone screens but a warning! Pin your feet on the ground if you don’t want to be swept off them. This drama would leave you having Oh My God! nostalgia

8. Mystic Pop-Up Bar

Here’s a gem hidden in the dirt, but oh well, you’ve found it now. Rumor on these streets has it that it is surprisingly enjoyable and fun to watch. You won’t want to be missing on that good stuff.

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  1. Owyka

    Some of this drama have not been download on like
    1) Wednesday 3:30pm
    2) Go Ho
    3) my unfamiliar family
    4) 7 first kiss
    Please admin download them please. Thanks

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