You are currently viewing Lee Yoo Jin displays charisma as a doctor in upcoming KBS2TV drama

Lee Yoo Jin displays charisma as a doctor in upcoming KBS2TV drama

Lee Yoo Jin portrays a hardworking doctor and cheerful brother in new teaser images


“Three Siblings Bravely” is an upcoming romantic comedy on KBS 2TV starring Im Joo Hwan as Lee Sang Joon, the eldest son of his family and an A-list actor. When he is involved in an unexpected accident while filming, he is reunited with Kim Tae Joo (Lee Ha Na), his primary school first love, who is also the eldest of her siblings and grew up giving everything for her family.


Kim Geon Woo, the younger brother of Kim Tae Joo and Kim So Rim, is played by Lee Yoo Jin (Kim So Eun). While he is the spoiled little brother at home, Kim Geon Woo is a trustworthy and kind doctor at work. Kim Geon Woo’s warm and cheery nature is no surprise.



Lee Yoo Jin appears to be in perfect sync with his new role in his new stills. Kim Geon Woo wears a solemn expression as he concentrates on his work at the hospital. Kim Geon Woo appears comfortable and pleasant when he is not at work and is dressed casually.

“Three Siblings Bravely” producers stated, “Lee Yoo Jin is an actor who knows exactly what he needs to do to increase immersion.” Lee Yoo Jin puts forth a lot of effort to perfect his portrayal of Kim Geon Woo. We hope you enjoy seeing Lee Yoo Jin as Kim Geon Woo in the drama.”

Following the finale of “It’s Beautiful Now,” “Three Siblings Bravely” will premiere in September.


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