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Lee Jae Wook and Jung So Min Discuss “Alchemy Of Souls” and Their Working Relationship

Lee Jae Wook and Jung So Min, co-stars of “Alchemy of Souls,” showed off their wonderful chemistry in Cosmopolitan!


Lee Jae Wook plays Jang Wook, the Jang family’s sophisticated yet troublesome young master. Jang Wook has a terrible history, with Daeho as a whole whispering about the stunning secret behind his scandalous birth. On the outside, he appears cold and uninterested, yet on the inside, he is rife with fiery mischievousness.

Jung So Min plays Mu Deok Yi, who hides the soul of the legendary assassin Nak Soo in secret. This fiery soul, however, is trapped in an impossibly frail body that cannot keep up with Nak Soo’s powerful spirit. She begins instructing Jang Wook in a hidden manner after becoming his attendant and secret teacher.

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Lee Jae Wook discussed his character Jang Wook in the following interview. “He’s a three-dimensional character who doesn’t intersect with any other parts I’ve played so far,” he said. The non-obvious narrative and non-obvious character are ‘Alchemy of Souls’s charms.”


Concerning his collaboration with Jung So Min, with whom he is collaborating for the first time, he stated, “As soon as So Min enters the set, the surroundings brighten up.” She’s a somebody who is passionate about performing while also radiating positive energy.”


Jung So Min expressed her admiration for the drama, adding, “The script moved as effortlessly as a comic book.” “‘Alchemy of Souls’ is like a drama where, after viewing episode 10, you become excited about the impending unpredictable tale in episode 11.”

She also complimented Lee Jae Wook, saying, “He’s an actor who is always trying new things.” He appears serious at first, but after you get to know him, he’s a lot of fun.”

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“Alchemy of Souls” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 p.m. KST.

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