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Lee Ga-ryung Has Revealed Her Real Age In A Recent Interview

After ten years of debuting as an actress, Lee Ga-ryung has disclosed her true age.

Lee Ga-ryung gave an interview on the 4th for the closing of TV Chosun’s “Love ft Marriage and Divorce” S3 at a cafe in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul.

Lee Ga-ryung surprised everyone by revealing her true age. She disclosed that she was 43 years old and was born in 1980, not the 35 years that the public believes she was in 1988.

According to Lee Ga-ryung, “While I was on hiatus as an actor, I was still active without an agency, and there was no way to update my profile information. I had no intention of joining the company ” she explained.

lee ga ryung uin love ft marriage and divorce

“I’ve worked as a model before,” Lee Ga-ryung explained, “and models increase or reduce their age depending on their function.” As soon as the information was released on the internet, it became official without my knowledge as a result of fans spreading it, and my profile unintentionally revealed that I was born in 1988. “However, my true age is in the year of the monkey, 1980,” she admitted openly.

Lee Ga-ryung made her acting debut in the SBS drama ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ in 2012. She rose to prominence in 2014 after starring as Im Seong-han’s in ‘Apgujeong Midnight Sun.’ She subsequently took a six-year sabbatical before returning with ‘Love ft Marriage and Divorce,’ which she has been running for three seasons.

Lee Ga-ryung’s confession has received a lot of support.


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