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Lee Dong Wook’s private messages to fans causes love frenzy

The subject of Lee Dong Wook’s private letters to admirers has gained a lot of attention.

On August 17, online users started debating the actor’s remarks to fans on the celebrity-specific messaging app Universe. Lee Dong Wook said on the app, “Do as you please. No need exists for formality. All of us are here to have fun. You are welcome to call myself Dong Wook, but doing so would make you the same age as me. I also go by the names Ahjussi, Oppa, Uncle, and Dong Wook. It’s all good now. Follow your comfort level.”

Also heard from him were the words, “This is actually pretty fun. How this discussion might be continued in writing A wonderful moment to be alive. You guys are very fortunate to still be young. “Today is terribly hot,” and “I’m envious of you. It’s fantastic that the rain has stopped in Seoul, but how are things down south? Don’t get wounded or ill, please. Take care of one another. I sincerely hope the rain has no adverse effects on any of you.

The actor reportedly conversed with followers through text for more than an hour. “Lee Dong Wook’s messages are like: You can call me ahjussi or uncle,” said one netizen. His texts are too hilarious. He is ultimately an Ahjussi.

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