You are currently viewing  Korean actors who were unable to revive their careers after controversies

 Korean actors who were unable to revive their careers after controversies

The Korean entertainment industry is a difficult one. You might become famous overnight – or lose everything in a single day.

Celebrity scandals are sometimes considered as simply another sort of entertainment in Hollywood, or stunts to promote the star.  However, in K-biz, celebrities embroiled in controversy rarely make a comeback so as these actors on the list.

1. Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong, who starred in the smash hit Boys Over Flowers, was one of the first K-drama second-lead syndrome characters that caught our attention.  Kim Hyun Joong came to popularity as the attractive, and warm sunbae  Ji Hoo of F4. Following the success of Boys Over Flowers, he received prominent roles in films such as Playful Kiss and others. However, the controversy surrounding his ex-girlfriend’s domestic assault derailed his career. Kim Hyun Joong was accused of physically beating his ex-girlfriend to the point of miscarriage in the second half of 2014. He went from being a well-liked actor to becoming a violent man in the eyes of many people, and he was blacklisted by brands and the public. Kim Hyun Joong was eventually cleared, but it was too late for him to recover.


kim hiyung joong

He attempted to return to the entertainment sector, but his efforts were not warmly accepted. The drama When Time Stopped, in particular, received exceptionally low ratings of 0.1 percent. He revealed his engagement to a non-celebrity girlfriend earlier this year.



2. Kim Ji-soo

Kim Ji-soo was chosen for the male lead part of On Dal in “River Where the Moon Rises,” one of last year’s biggest K-dramas, after many years of playing supporting and minor roles.

However, the actor was accused of tormenting former classmates, secretly taping tapes of his ex-girlfriend, and even engaging in sexual intercourse while in high school. The allegations were made in March, during a period of famous school bullying scandals that shook the country.

According to media reports, the actor’s legal agent, law firm Shin & Kim, published a statement in July stating that the originator of a post accusing Kim of sexual assault recognized the article was “fake” and apologized.


ji soo

Ji Soo was completely boycotted and replaced with Na In-woo as well as suffered cancellation of other brand endorsement deals.



3. Kang Ji-hwan

Kang who starred in so many hit TV series like “Big Man”, “Children of a lesser God”, and “Joseon Survival Period” among many others was caught up in a lot of drama in his personal life, from womanizing to rape allegations. Kang was arrested on July 9, 2019, on suspicion of sexually assaulting and assaulting two of his agency’s female employees at his home. Kang indicated that he recalled drinking with them but had no recollection of what transpired after that. Huayi Brothers, Kang’s agency, made an apology statement and sought another actor to replace Kang in his ongoing TV series. Kang acknowledged all allegations against him and apologized to the victims on July 15, 2019. As a result of the sexual events, Huayi Brothers canceled their contract with Kang on July 16, 2019, and he opted to resign from the entertainment profession. 


On December 5, 2019, Kang was found guilty and sentenced to two years and six months imprisonment suspended for three years of probation by Suwon District Court.


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