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Kim Seon Ho writes a touching letter to his fans foreshadowing his comeback

Following his Instagram post, actor Kim Seon Ho updated his fans on his online.

Kim Seon Ho posted a lengthy letter to his admirers on his online fan cafe on May 7th. “It feels like summer already,” he began his letter. Time certainly does fly. Even as I write this, I’m still unsure about whether I’m too late or how to begin my letter.”

“Sometimes a month felt like a year, while other times I couldn’t keep up with the time that had passed me by, which made it difficult to regulate my emotions,” Kim Seon Ho stated. Because of me, I believe you would have gone through the same thing. I apologize for forcing you to leave.

I apologize for causing you to suffer because of my shortcomings. I understand how difficult it is to recover from heartbreak. I apologize to those who supported me because I fear you will be left with a scar on your heart. However, thanks to you, my time is slowly improving. I’m not sure how my letter will be received by you, but I hope everyone who is rooting for me would have a time that goes by on your terms. Not too fast or slow.” 

He ended his letter by implying his return by writing, “I shall treasure each and every one of your encouraging letters from Korea and overseas as it will help me grow as an actor and a person. I apologize once more. I wish you continued happiness and good health. Thank you for sticking by my side, and I promise I won’t keep you waiting for too long.”

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