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Kim Seon Ho has rounded up filming of “Sad Tropical” in Thailand

Some may object, but Kim Seon-ho is still a hot topic that draws attention simply by entering the country. This has piqued the public’s interest in his next actions.

Kim Seon-ho returned to South Korea on April 18th via Incheon International Airport. He was on his way back from Thailand, where he had been filming the film “Sad Tropical” (directed by Park Hoon-jung).

Reporters and fans who discovered him quickly swarmed him. He simply walked out of the airport, his head down. He appeared cautious the entire time, and it was said that he answered the reporters’ queries silently instead.

Kim Seon-ho appeared in front of reporters for the first time in more than six months. He had vanished from public view, and the only occasions he was seen in public were on Jeju Island and in Thailand, where “Sad Tropical” was filmed. 

“Sad Tropical” is expected to be his comeback project after previous scandal allegations. “Sad Tropical” is a film directed by Park Hoon-jung, the director of “The Witch” and “Night of Paradise,” and is an action noir narrative about a boy who used to be a boxer and now is targeted and hunted by an unknown gang. “Sad Tropical” appears to be the ideal comeback movie for Kim Seon-ho, who was entangled in a controversy in November 2021 when he persuaded his ex-lover A to have an abortion under the premise of marriage. Despite the fact that the suspicions had been cleared up, the narrative was still not taken lightly by netizens, so he and the production company had no choice but to evaluate the burden if he became the main character of a romance piece right away.

“Sad Tropical” is a spectacular production that marks Kim Seon-ho’s cinema debut. This is believed to be a crucial factor in determining whether he will be able to demonstrate his strong box-office strength, as he became a popular actor by producing successive hits such as “Startup” and “Hometown Cha Cha Cha Cha.”

“Given the experiences of other male actors who have been afflicted by similar controversies, their problematic images are likely to be diluted if their work is a major hit or if the actor demonstrates irreplaceable acting talents,” a broadcasting insider told Sports Seoul on April 19th. “The audience may despise the slogan “I will reward you with acting,” yet it is true. Kim Seon-ho will be subjected to a similar procedure.”

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