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Kim Sejeong Shows Her Love For Webtoons As A Rookie Employee In Upcoming Drama

The first stills of Kim Sejeong from SBS’s upcoming drama “Today’s Webtoon” have been released!


“Today’s Webtoon” is a Korean adaptation of the hit Japanese drama “Sleepeeer Hit!” from 2016. The drama will follow On Ma Eum, a former judo athlete who works as a new employee in Neon Webtoon’s editorial department and fights to evolve into a true webtoon editor in South Korea’s competitive webtoon business.

Kim Sejeong will play On Ma Eum, an Olympic hopeful who abandons her aspirations after suffering an accident. However, the optimist turns her attention to webtoons, which she has relied on since she was a child. She enters the webtoon editorial department against all difficulties.

Kim Sejeong is completely synchronized with On Ma Eum in the recently published stills, and even the actress confirmed that she is 100 percent synchronized with her role.

On Ma Eum’s images depict her day-to-day life as an office worker, but her look is always filled with eagerness and expectation. 


Kim Sejeong was commended by the drama’s producers, who stated, “Kim Sejeong is proving to be the right casting choice as filming progresses.” The set is full of positive energy thanks to her. In an era when webtoons have become vital content in our lives, the drama will reveal previously unknown everyday lives and struggles of webtoon writers, as well as the harsh daily lives of webtoon editors, who act as “shadow artists,” secretly supporting them from behind.”

The first episode of “Today’s Webtoon” will air on July 29 at 10 p.m. KST.

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