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Kim Sae Ron booked for drunk driving + agency and PD team of her upcoming drama give statements

Following the news of their actress, driving under the influence, Kim Sae Ron’s agency, Gold Medalist Entertainment, issued a statement.

Previously, Police halted a vehicle near Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam, on the morning of May 18 at around 8 a.m. KST after it collided with an electric transformer box on the side of the road. After stopping the vehicle, authorities identified the driver as actress Kim Sae Ron, who was suspected of driving under the influence. Kim Sae Ron refused to take a breathalyzer test when the police demanded it and instead wanted to be taken to the hospital for a blood test.

Kim Sae Ron’s SUV collided with a roadside electric transformer box, causing the protective cage around the box to be demolished and the box to be dislodged from its ground position, according to new investigative reports. Witnesses said the SUV slammed into the box many times, making a series of loud bangs, but the driver did not step out to inspect the damage and continued driving. 

As a result of the interruption, several businesses in the area lost electricity, including a traffic signal. Payment processing system problems were also reported in the area, forcing some businesses to close for the day. The accident necessitated extensive repairs that lasted for five hours.

picture of dislodged transformer box

In response to the news of Kim Sae Ron’s recent DUI charges, the star’s management company, Gold Medalist, released an official statement. The agency made a brief statement “Kim Sae Ron underwent a blood test in order to receive the most accurate results. After the blood test, Kim Sae Ron was escorted home with a guardian. The results of the blood test will be available in 2 weeks, and afterward, Kim Sae Ron plans on participating in the police investigation diligently.”

Also the PD team of the upcoming Netflix series “Hunting dogs” in which Kim Sae Ron is a cast of also commented “We’re currently in the middle of filming. The shooting schedule will be adjusted, and the public schedule will be announced as soon as it is arranged after a thorough discussion.”

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