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Kim Hye Soo Shows Her Queenly Charisma and Motherly Love In Teaser Photos of ‘The Queen’s Umbrella’

“The Queen’s Umbrella” has released more photos of Kim Hye Soo as she transforms into a devoted queen!


The upcoming historical drama on tvN explores the tension that arises within the palace while attempting to educate the troublemaking princes who bring nothing but troubles for the royal family and turn them into proper crown princes. While focusing on the exclusive palace education system of the top 1% of the Joseon Dynasty, the drama will also tell a moving and relevant story about moms’ dedication.


Kim Hye Soo stars as queen Im Hwa Ryung, the mother of five troublesome princes and the wife of a magnificent king. 

Kim Hye Soo, who has brought her characters to life with her own distinct vibe in each production, has raised expectations for her portrayal of Im Hwa Ryung.


Nurturing five princes who are varied in personalities, hobbies, as well as issues that they get into, Im Hwa Ryung became the fastest and busiest person in the palace. As a result, rumors spread throughout the palace that she is vindictive. However, her initially lovely personality has deteriorated over the course of many restless years. She is full of motherly love and is willing to sacrifice her pride for the sake of her children.


“A person with strong love and a person who is willing to confront the stormy weather to protect the one she loves,” was how Kim Hye Soo described her character in her introduction. “Im Hwa Ryung follows morals, but she’s not conventional,” the actress concluded. Im Hwa Ryung is very intuitive and meticulous, and she makes more daring and speedier actions than anybody else in that era because she is more enlightened than everyone else. In addition, she is also clever. The difficulties of Im Hwa Ryung to keep her kids safe in the midst of the palace’s internal war zone, where covert animosity and conspiracies are common, are of interest to viewers.

This October, “The Queen’s Umbrella” will make its debut.

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