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Kang Tae Oh: 5 Things You Should Know & Swoon-Worthy Dramas

If you haven’t seen Kang Tae Oh this week on your timeline then you should check your phone twice!

He is the man of the season as he is the face on every screen and thoughts on many hearts. Since the release of the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” in which he played Lee Jun-ho, a guy who fell in love with a young lawyer with Asperger’s syndrome, his fame tripled; but guess what?  This actor has been around this industry for the longest of times.

Is he still not on your Oppa list? Here are five facts about him, as well as some of his most popular dramas.


1. He used to be a talkative

Compared to his now quiet demeanor, Kang Tae Oh used to talk a lot in elementary school since he was an attention seeker. He desired to be liked by his classmates and recalls being very noisy in class. He didn’t become silent until middle school, and he couldn’t figure out why he used to be so talkative.

2. He is Sporty

Kang Tae Oh is well-known for his athleticism. He enjoys engaging in physical sports and has even learnt Jeet Kune Do.

3. He is a home buddy

This should be very simple to guess since he is now a world-class romcom king and romcom kings are home buddies. Kang Tae Oh claims to like sleeping more when he is not out filming.

4.  He first gained recognition in Vietnam

Kang Tae Oh starred in the Korean-Vietnamese serial “Forever Young,” which was very famous in Vietnam. He received so much praise for his performance that he was named Best Actor at the VTV Awards! Because of the large number of followers he had, he would require security to assist in escorting him to the hotel. 

We guess fame has always been his thing.

5. He looks great in his military uniform

Kang Tae Oh was drafted to serve in the military immediately following the triumph of his current drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” which he promised fans would take place later this year. But before that, he was seen at a terminal wearing his military uniform; there was no word from him or his management as to whether he was departing already, but one thing we can take away from this is his stunning appearance in his uniform.

Asides from these incredibly spot-on features about Kang Tae Oh, his acting does not rely on his looks and usually speaks for itself. Here’s a rundown of some of his most well-known dramas.

1. Doom At Your Service

He acted as  Lee Hyun-kyu, Joo-ik’s handsome roommate who is a café owner in one of the most buzzworthy dramas of 2021.

Of course, he didn’t need much to seem extremely handsome but while the theme of this drama is initially bleak, it eventually discusses finding the positive in everyday life and making the best of the situation. It also alternates between touching and brilliantly humorous plotlines.

2. Run On

He takes the role of Lee Young-Hwa a university student majoring in art.

This drama is primarily about romantic relationships, but it also includes storylines of self-discovery, aspirations, and open-mindedness. It reminds us that just because individuals have different perspectives or experiences than us does not mean they are wrong or right (or vice versa), and that there is always something to be learned from these differences.

3. Tale of kodu

Of course, we don’t expect to see him in nice roles all the time, which is why he nailed his villain character in this drama- Prince Neungyang. A persona who enjoys visiting gisaeng households.

Here’s a historical drama that is entertaining and interesting while remaining unpredictable

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