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Joo Won Transforms Remarkably for Role in Upcoming Blockbuster “Carter”

A preview of Joo Won’s ferocious performance from the upcoming blockbuster “Carter” has been released!

A highly accomplished secret agent named Carter, played by Joo Won, awakens in the new Netflix original action thriller with all of his memories erased. He finds himself entangled in the operation of a lifetime, seemingly guided by fate.

This is one of the most recent transformations the actor has experienced for an action scene since his casting was confirmed back in March. He added a total of seven kilograms of muscular weight—about 15.4 pounds—to his body. A three to four months intensive training program for action scenes and stunts, involving motorcycle handling and automobile chases, was also completed by him.

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“He is swift when it comes to understanding action,” said director Jung Byung Gil. He excels at action scenes better than any other male actor I’ve seen. He was born with beautiful visuals and lines.


On August 5, “Carter” will make its debut.

Check out trailer below!

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