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Ji Chang Wook is a man with a challenging past in new KBS2 drama

The first still of Ji Chang Wook from the upcoming KBS2 drama “If You Wish Upon Me” have been released!


“If You Wish Upon Me” is a play based on an actual Dutch organization that grants the wishes of terminal cancer patients. A poignant story will develop as a young guy pushed to his limits by a difficult existence visits a terminal facility and helps the hospital’s employees in fulfilling the different last desires of people nearing the end of their lives. In addition to Ji Chang Wook, the drama also stars Sooyoung and Sung Dong Il.

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Ji Chang Wook will play Yoon Gyeo Re, a man who is barely living life and hanging on in the present without the will and determination to survive. He is a broken human and has developed the habit of inflicting bodily pain on himself by having tattoos all over. Yoon Gyeo Re has fought tooth and nail against the harsh reality of life in an orphanage, adolescent detention facility, and prison.

The production team shared, “Ji Chang Wook boasts the flawless appearance, manner of speech, and expression of character Yoon Gyeo Re himself. Please focus on Yoon Gyeo Re’s difficult life and the reason behind why he was sent to an orphanage, youth detention center, and prison. Along with the anticipation for Ji Chang Wook’s portrayal of Yoon Gyeo Re, please also show lots of interest and love for ‘If You Wish Upon Me.’”

“If You Wish Upon Me” will premiere in August.

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