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Jeon Seung Bin’s Agency Rebuffs Assault Charges Against His Ex-Wife Hong In Young

Starhue Entertainment, Jeon Seung Bin’s agency, issued a statement refuting claims of assault against his ex-wife, actress Hong In Young.

Jeon Seung Bin and Hong In Young originally collaborated on the KBS2 drama series “The Iron Empress” in 2009, and then married in May 2016 before divorcing in April 2020. Hong In Young filed a domestic violence complaint against Jeon Seung Bin at the Ilsan Dongbu Police Station in Gyeonggi province two years later. The case was recently handed to the prosecution by the police.

Jeon Seung Bin’s agency issued the following statement on April 29

“Hello, this is the Starhue Entertainment agency of Jeon Seung Bin.

First and foremost, we regret that Jeon Seung Bin’s background has caused concern among so many individuals.

Jeon Seung Bin was not home at the time the plaintiff claims she was assaulted, according to the legal counsel, and we have already given evidence indicating there was no assault or verbal abuse during the police investigation stage. Furthermore, if such issues existed, divorce by mutual consent would not have been possible at the time of the divorce settlement.

Currently, this case has been forwarded to the prosecution and is under investigation, so we ask that you refrain from making speculative reports. Actor Jeon Seung Bin and the agency believe that the truth will be clearly revealed through the prosecution investigation.

Thank you.”


According to the allegations, Jeon Seung Bin dragged Hong In Young by her hair for two hours and assaulted and verbally harassed her, striking her face and head to the point that she passed out. Hong In Young is also said to have submitted images of the assault as evidence.

Jeon Seung Bin is currently featuring in an ongoing drama “Again My Life”

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