You are currently viewing “History of Jealousy” Jo Byeong-kyu’s comeback drama apologizes for the filming issue

“History of Jealousy” Jo Byeong-kyu’s comeback drama apologizes for the filming issue

The PD team issues out apologies for the residents living in a particular area used for filming.

“During the filming of ‘History of Jealousy,’ which took place on the 9th, an inconvenience happened to the living space and movement of some inhabitants,” the production team of the drama told MK Sports on the morning of the 11th. So I spoke with the individual in question, explained my situation at the time, and apologized.”

“Although we have made every effort to minimize disruption to people, we regret that we did not pay more attention to the filming process,” he stated.

“We will continue to make every effort during the filming process not to cause any trouble to the residents,” the production crew declared. We’d like to thank the residents for their patience and understanding during the filming, and apologize once more.”

Previously, two posts were published online under the heading ‘Drama shooting crew was initially like this?’ alleging that the filming team for the drama ‘History of Jealousy’ blocked the door of a house near the filming site with a car and caused a disturbance to residents.

In addition, the netizen sparked a debate by posting a photo of a filming car obstructing the gate.

‘The History of Jealousy’ is a new webtoon-based drama of the same name which acts a comeback drama for actor Jo Byeong-kyu who was recently involved in a controversy.

In February 2021, Jo Byeong-kyu was accused of being a former bully back in his school days, which led to a suspension of his career and investigations were made on the veracity of these allegations. In July 2021, police investigations had concluded that the allegations were fabricated and the accuser had apologised to Jo.

 Stay tuned for more updates of the upcoming drama

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