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Heartbreaking Situation Recorded in Seoul South Korea’s Torrential Downpour

Seoul, South Korea’s capital, and many surrounding places, including Incheon city in Gyeonggi province, experienced the worst rainfall in 80 years. The usual rainfall rate is up to 100mm/hour, and in one Seoul district, it even exceeded 140mm/hour at one occasion.


By the morning of August 10, South Korean officials claimed that at least nine people had perished, seven were missing, and over 2,500 homes had been inundated, with several damaged infrastructure including highways, trains, and subways.


Notably,  among accidents and flooded homes, fatalities were recorded that died in the torrential downpour. Three members of a family, including two adults and a 13-year-old child, died after becoming trapped in a semi-basement apartment in Seoul’s Gwanak district.

A middle-aged woman living in a semi-basement flat in Seoul’s Dongjak area was also reportedly drowned by the flood. Her flat includes a one-meter-lower-than-street veranda and is defined as “a building where water can flow at any moment.”

Due to the pressure of the water, the woman’s residence was also locked during the storm. The woman was fortunate to escape at first, but then recalled her cat was still inside and hurried back to save it. Unfortunately, the woman and her cat were unable to exit the cellar and died.

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol expressed condolences to the victims, stating he will perform a spot check and work hard to minimize further damage. He also emphasized the importance of rethinking the country’s disaster management system, since extreme weather is projected to become more regular as a result of the climate problem.

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