You are currently viewing Girl’s generation Yuri and Jung Il Woo’s characters have been revealed through sneak-peek pictures

Girl’s generation Yuri and Jung Il Woo’s characters have been revealed through sneak-peek pictures

“Good Job” by ENA has revealed a fascinating sneak look at Girls’ Generation’s Yuri as a workaholic and Jung Il Woo as the dream man!

The new drama chronicles the investigation and love story of a chaebol who moonlights as a detective and a woman with superhuman vision.

Yuri will play Don Se Ra, a happy person who was born with super eyesight. Don Se Ra moves around in order to conceal her abilities.

“In the show, Don Se Ra is a character with numerous charms as well as varied vocations,” the drama’s creators explained. The drama will expose why she is so obsessed with money and how she employs her supervision.”

“Actor Yuri is perfectly possessed by Don Se Ra to maximize the character’s charm,” the PD team said. We are convinced that ‘Good Job’ will be an encyclopedia-style drama that showcases her many talents. Please wait with enthusiasm and affection.”


Jung Il Woo will play Eun Sun Woo, a chaebol among chaebols who owns the Eunkang conglomerate as well as a detective agency. Eun Sun Woo has displayed a smart mind and shockingly unequaled athletic ability since a young age. He is a figure that quickly switches from being pompous to being a gentleman in his two lives as a detective and as a group chairman.

The drama sparked curiosity after being chosen as the next installment in Jung Il Woo’s romance series. “My Fair Lady,” “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop,” and “Cinderella and Four Knights” are among his earlier productions. It is also believed that Jung Il Woo would win many hearts with his portrayal of Eun Sun Woo, who is beyond average in every way, including appearance, wealth, brains, and combat skills.


“Jung Il Woo is 100 percent in harmony with the role of Eun Sun Woo, the perfect man,” the production team said. Everyone on set is astounded at how he brings to life a character who could only exist on paper in the script. We believe a new character worthy of being Jung Il Woo’s ambassador is on the way. As a result, we ask that everyone please look forward to it.”

Following the finale of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” “Good Job” will air on August 24 at 9 p.m. KST.

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