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Girls Day’s Sojin transforms into a pregnant woman in the new short drama

In the short drama ‘Do Not Announce the Death of Your Husband,’ Sojin from Girls Day takes on the challenge of portraying a completely different character and transforming into a pregnant woman.

‘Do Not Announce Your Husband’s Death’ is the fourth project in the tvN drama series ‘O’PENing.’ The short drama, written by Im Soo Rim and directed by Choi Song Suk, tells the story of a woman who conceals her husband’s death in order to give birth to her child safely. The upcoming comedy-dramas is a short drama.

Sojin will play Yoo Young Joo, a pregnant woman caught in a raging storm, in the drama. Yoo Young Joo was a successful badminton player known for her beauty and skill. She did, however, withdraw from the sport due to her panic disorder and suffered national scorn as a result of various misunderstandings before quitting.

She married to escape national scrutiny and miraculously became pregnant after ten years. Yoo Young Joo tried to be a good mother and hoped for a bright future.

Meanwhile, Sojin is gradually gaining recognition for her acting abilities as she has built her acting career by playing various supporting roles in various films and dramas.

As a result, many people are excited to see how Sojin will portray the character of Yoo Young Joo in the upcoming short drama series ‘Do Not Announce The Death of Your Husband.’

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