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Forecasting Love and Weather Recap and Review (Editors Opinion)


With Ha-kyung realizing Si-woo’s take on marriage she even wants to date secretly now.

Ki-joon on the other hand becomes an annoying character as
he tails the love life of his Ex Ha-kyung. After a back and forth at the
climate situation with Si-woo, Ki-joon opens up about how Ha-kyung does not
date without having marriage in mind, while Ha-kyung seeks more information about Si-woo’s perspective on marriage from Yoo-jin. On the other hand, Ha-kyung’s mom pays a visit to find men living with her and tries to match Seok-ho with Ha-kyung.

The marriage situation continues to play out throughout episode 10.

In episode 11 there is a sudden twist to the plot where Ha-kyung sends Si-woo to Jeju Island so she has enough time to rethink their relationship hiding behind the curtains of being professional.  Meanwhile Seok-ha and Tae-kyung are beginning to develop something sweet. There’s a sudden
explosion and Si-woo gets badly injured and was taken to the hospital by
Yoo-jin. Ha-kyung receiving the news from Yoo-jin becomes overwhelmed with guilt and took out her anger on Ki-joon, in addition, Si-woo’s dad visited KMA caused a scene and created tension.

In episode 12 typhoon is raging outside as Ki-joon calms Si-woo’s dad. 16 hours ago Si-woo makes an impact in Jeju Island and Yi-jun

discusses her marriage and relationship with her mother. Donghan is still
having a hard time with his family. Meanwhile at KMA Ha-kyung and Ki-joon have
dinner together giving each other compliments. Back at Jeju we see how Si-woo gets into an accident and at the hospital, Si-woo’s father throws a tantrum about getting compensation even though he’s told Si-woo is now out of danger.
While Ha-kyung hugs Si-woo at the hospital the father bursts in and Si-woo is
angry, he gets slapped by the father and walks away in embarrassment. Outside getting drenched in the rain Ha-kyung apologizes but Si-woo’s mind is already made up.



This drama seems to have taken a nosedive with its characters and plot with only Si-woo and Yi-joon as the only lead realistic characters.

In trying to make a twist and gaining back viewers’ attention in episode 11 the writers have completely changed the characters to that of high-schoolers who know what they want but are being petty and immature about their relationship. Although they continually hold down changes in the weather climate and human emotions excellently well.

The part where Ki-joon and Ha-kyung comfortably have discussions is no longer reasonable even though the writers tried to make it look mature, it blows up as not sensible because Ki-joon obviously shattered her heart and married someone in the same work environment as her, not only that tried to cunningly rob her off her money and disgrace her openly. 

With four episodes left, what will be the outcome of their relationships?

Let us know what you feel about this drama in the comments.







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