You are currently viewing For the Love of Technology- K-dramas interwoven in love and technology

For the Love of Technology- K-dramas interwoven in love and technology

Oh no, wait! Let’s clear the air; this is not a soon-to-be-released drama nor is it a science school project report.

Keep scrolling down, we promise it’ll be worth each of your seconds.

Ever since time, technology has been in trend, and the foresight of a new creation and putting it into play has probably been on the minds of scriptwriters way earlier than ours. In the list below, there are a bunch of tech-related dramas interwoven in love you can bounce around on your small screens; from realistic to futuristic to hands down ‘what’s going on here!’


1. Are You Human

Imagine falling in love with a robot, not just any robot, the ones with sparkly gold eyes, sleek hair, and pink lips. How do you wake from this delusion! A series packed with romance and sci-fi would make you question your sanity like the characters we get to see in it. Test your imaginative waters and get hooked with this technology in love.

2. Love Alarm

Let’s give it to you, a total introvert- all shy and mushy, how’d you find love? Look no further as this series shows you a matchmaker app. Not just any matchmaking app, one that has you finding love if they’re within a 10 meters reach from you. (How wonderful is Tech?!) Now all you have to do is leave your house every day, put on your app, and find Mr/Mrs. Right. Have you ever wondered how easy it’ll be for you to get matched to the love of your life on the phone? Since we probably can’t experience it now, it’s best to escape to k-drama land and explore the possibilities firsthand.

3. My Holo Love

This is something more futuristic- as in 3020, where humans start feeling threatened by AI and also in love with them. Anything is possible. In this series, a young lady finding it hard to recognize faces meets a new face (holo) and starts depending on it.

4. Startup

The turning point of a techie’s life is the birth of new technology- whatever that means. In this series, we meet Love, sadness, and the hurdles of life as well as experience a new beginning with the characters in the series. Tread with caution as, times without number, these are one of the few dramas that’ll make you rethink your career choice. It does well to draw you in and relate to every storyline shown. “If trust the process” was a drama it’ll be Startup because in the end, it leaves you with a sense of gratification.


5. Memories of Alhambra

What’s a Ps4 or a 5D game when you have a super cool game like that found in this series; well if you can’t really tell the difference between the fake world and reality and there are people out to kill you with swords, and arrows then it should seem fun right? …right?

6. I am 

An inventor makes an artificial intelligence robot that resembles a beautiful high school student. To keep his invention out of the hands of bad guys, the scientist left his grown children in charge of the robot. His daughter enrolls a robot as her cousin Annie, who recently transferred from the United States, at her school. Will Annie be able to adapt to her unusual new surroundings? What will happen when she learns about different human emotions, especially the love that is present in his environment?

7. Love Tech

What would our relationships look like if we knew our break-up dates in advance?

Two ladies met on the dating app. By the third year of their relationship, they are experiencing frequent disputes. When the push notification pops up “Do you wish to see the expiration date of your relationship?” They hesitate to go ahead and examine the date. Will they end up looking at the expiration date? Will they break up on the exact date?

What’s your first pick?

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