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Fans are concerned after actress Seolhyun posted a cryptic message on Instagram

Seolhyun recently posted a book extract on her Instagram story, creating concern among her followers.

Seolhyun emphasized the passage she uploaded, “It’s sweeter to say that life itself is a painful thing, so even if something painful happens, it won’t be considered more painful. Although it is painful, it is not painful. It is empty by nature, so there is nothing to strive for in life. The world is filled with good events and good things” by highlighting the sentence.

Following that, Seolhyun wrote, “Good events and good things. In order to live in this world, it is better to fill the world with such things, says Aeja.”

Another book extract she posted said, “She says that the world is full of resentment and that living in such a world is only painful. Everyone says that they are suffering from such self-inflicted pain. There is nothing meaningful in a world that is only mortal, mortal, and mortal, and there is no need to try and struggle will only increase the pain.”

“Other than that, there is no pleasure or meaning, and we merely die slowly, thinking that we are joyful or meaningful,” the passage continues. But when we die, that’s the end of it.” 

The actress created concern when she posted these somewhat strong and controversial lines at the conclusion and deactivated her account.

Netizens and fans who were worried left comments on Seolhyun’s Instagram saying,

* “What happened? 

*Is everything okay?”

 “I’m worried,” 

*”It sounds like something is wrong,” and “I really hope things are okay.”

Meanwhile, Seolhyun has made hit dramas with “Orange Marmalade,” and “Awaken”

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