You are currently viewing  EXO’s D.O. is a rogue prosecutor who stands out with his oddity in teaser poster for upcoming drama

 EXO’s D.O. is a rogue prosecutor who stands out with his oddity in teaser poster for upcoming drama

A teaser poster has been unveiled for the upcoming KBS2TV drama “Prosecutor Jin’s Victory” a.k.a “True Swordsmanship”


A prosecutor named Jin Jung (EXO’s D.O.) is featured in the story “Prosecutor Jin’s Victory” who is armed with terrible manners and criminality. He destroys the barriers erected by riches and authority, and he even destroys the greedy individuals who resided behind those barriers. In order to prevent the corrupt authorities from destroying society, Jin Jung favors delinquency over sincerity, expedient means over traditional ones, and trickery above accepted practices. The drama’s uplifting sense of justice will help viewers forget about the discouraging reality.


D.O.’s personality Jin Jung works as a prosecutor at the Central District Prosecutors’ Office’s third division. Jin Jung is a devilishly charming man who will be known for being unprecedentedly insane in the history of prosecutors.

He does, however, possess a strong sense of justice and conscience. He battles on the side of the vulnerable, opposing evil eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, and exacting tenfold vengeance.

The poster’s text mimics a famous line from the successful film “Extreme Job,” stating, “There has never been a prosecutor like this before!” Is he a prosecutor or an oddball?”

“The teaser poster for ‘Prosecutor Jin’s Victory’ depicts the birth of a remarkable prosecutor who utterly smashes the framework of the prosecutors in dramas we have encountered so far,” the drama’s production team revealed. Please keep an eye out for D.O., who will be reintroduced as a passionate and zany prosecutor like you’ve never seen before.”

The premiere of “Prosecutor Jin’s Victory” will take place on October 5 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

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