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Everything we know about the upcoming drama “Woori the Virgin”

The first look at Hong Ji Yoon in the upcoming drama “Woori the Virgin” has been released by SBS!

“Woori the Virgin” is about a woman named Oh Woo Ri (Im Soo Hyang) who is trying to keep her chastity before marriage but becomes pregnant after an accident during a medical test. It’s a Korean adaptation of the American rom-com “Jane the Virgin,” which is based on a Venezuelan telenovela.

Hong Ji Yoon will play Lee Ma Ri, a woman who is wholly phony except for her stunning appearance. She is a cunning woman who purposefully sought out Raphael (Sung Hoon) in order to marry him. Lee Ma Ri, in particular, is fighting to keep her marriage with Raphael, who wants a divorce from her. Things are likely to get complicated as she becomes involved with Oh Woo Ri, who accidentally becomes pregnant with Raphael’s baby, and her devoted lover Lee Kang Jae (Shin Dong Wook).

The drama released stills of Hong Ji Yoon as Lee Ma Ri on April 22.



“Actress Hong Ji Yoon astonished the staff by becoming one with Lee Ma Ri from the first script reading,” the drama’s production team said. With her look and passionate acting that fluctuated depending on the situation, she skillfully played Lee Ma Ri, the embodiment of desire. We feel Hong Ji Yoon, who has demonstrated her unique charms, would captivate viewers with her mature performance.”

The premiere of “Woori the Virgin” will air on May 9 at 10 p.m. KST. View a teaser for the drama here!


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