You are currently viewing Dramas Airing This Week (15/08/22-21/08/22)

Dramas Airing This Week (15/08/22-21/08/22)

Monday-Tuesday (August 15-16)

*Café Minamdang (Episode:15-16)

*Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist (Episode: 5-6)

*Boar Hunt (Episode: 3)

Wednesday-Thursday (August 17-18)

*Extraordinary Attorney Woo (Episode: 15-16)

*Adamas (Episode: 7-8)

*If You Wish Upon Me (Episode: 3-4)

Friday-Saturday (August 19-20)

*Big Mouth (Episode: 7-8)

*Today’s Webtoon (Episode: 7-8)

Saturday-Sunday (August 20-21)

*Alchemy of Souls (Episode: 17-18)

*Becoming Witch (Episode: 9)

*The Good Detective 2 (Episode: 7-8)

*It’s Beautiful Now (Episode: 41-42)


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